Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The S.O.G. Crew (Thump Records/ Universal Music Group) is a National Hip-Hop group and Anti-Bullying/Mentorship Program based out of Anaheim, CA. Their style and message break modes creating a new genre of Hip-Hop being dubbed ‘cause music.’ More than music; it’s a message of hope, encouragement, and influence. The Crew uses their platform to give back to young people and students around the country as a Anti-Bully/ Mentorship Program led by Robert Ornelas.

S.O.G. Crew Hip-Hop frontman Dr. Robert ‘Battle Ax’ Ornelas is a Conference Keynote Speaker, National Youth Advocate, California Political Party Liaison, and a former 2016 US Presidential Candidate. He is passionate about his Native American and Indigenous roots throughout North America and the South Pacific. 



If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do keep moving forward.

-Martin Luther King Jr.



The S.O.G. Crew Youth Movement works with students throughout the country teaching them to respect themselves and honor communities using the arts. Their presentation consists of a Hip-Hop concert and puppet show encouraging students to get engaged with a focus on college.



The S.O.G. Crew Youth Movement works with students throughout the country teaching them to respect themselves and honor communities using the arts. Their presentation consists of a Hip-Hop concert and puppet show encouraging students to get engaged with a focus on college.



Studies show that interaction helps students become emotionally invested in learning. Active learning makes it impossible to sleep through a class.



Concert consists of positive music to help boost confidence. Music presentations are aimed at helping students build self-esteem and confidence in one’s own worth and abilities.

Concert will be school attendance celebration. There will also be an OPEN MIC workshop for students.



Studies reveal that ‘Puppet Shows’ teach students to put learning into practice. Puppet based learning teaches students design thinking, growth mindset, how to work in shareable media, and how to approach learning.



Some people define good sportsmanship as treating the people that they play with and against as they'd like to be treated.

One-on-one and team basketball tournaments encouraging students to not make excuses, always do their best, learn from mistakes, have respect for themselves, their team, and the officials of the game.



Our expeditions aim to inspire and educate students and the next generation of explorers. The goal of archaeology is to understand what people of the past were like and how they lived.


Anti-Bullying and Harassment Act of 2018

This bill amends the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act to require: (1) states to use grants for safe and drug-free schools to collect and report information on the incidence of bullying and harassment, and (2) local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools to use subgrants to prevent and respond to incidents of bullying and harassment.

Such LEAs and schools must: (1) notify parents and students annually of conduct prohibited in their school discipline policies, which must include policies regarding bullying and harassment; and (2) establish complaint procedures for students and parents to register complaints regarding such conduct.

The bill also expands the Act's definition of violence to include bullying and harassment.



  • Please look at S.O.G. Crew Havasupai Video. 
  • Special thanks to Sandy Ticeahkie from Riverside Indian High School in Anadarko and Dr. Maxine Roanhorse-Dineyazhe Education Specialist from BIE Education Resource Center in Phoenix, AZ

Melissa Ornelas  (714)224-6617


Schools that Dr. Robert Ornelas has worked with:

Pueblo, CO School District

Hip Hop Concert and Anti-Bullying Awareness Program working with Pueblo PD, School Administrators, Parents, and concerned Citizens. 

Los Angeles Unified School District 

Working with Middle and High School students thanks to PACE program. Celebrated perfect attendance, graduations, and testing using the ART of Hip Hop. Have also worked with students from the Juvenile Detention Centers.

Santa Ana Unified School District

Worked with High School students that to Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Bible studies, testimonies, Hip hop, and pizza while building with the students.

Oahu, Maui, and Big Island

Worked with students of public schools thanks to Campus Ministries, Baptist Academy, and have worked at Hawaiian Schools.

Riverside Indian School 

Worked with 800 students from 75 different Native American Tribes and school staff for many years.

Havasupai Tribe 

Working with middle school, elementary, and pre-school students in side of the Grand Canyon thanks to Havasupai Nation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Las Vegas High School

Key Speaker and Artist. Las Vegas High School B.S.U. Club honored The S.O.G. Crew for their outstanding and dedicated service with a Certificate of Appreciation plaque.

Chicago Public Schools

Worked with Robert Belfort throughout West Side and South Side Chicago bringing peace after record-breaking murders. Special thanks to Chicago PD and Eye Witness news.

Chaffey High School 

Supported Esther Escobedo for years as her family faithfuly did a bible study for students.

Erie, Pennsylvania

Worked with students during assemblies and concert in the evening with families.

Sherman Indian School

The S.O.G. Crew together with Skateboarding Pros, Dennis Martinez, John Pope and Kien 'Donger' Lieu made an impact at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside.

Coachella Valley Unified School District

Keynote Speaker for Native American Youth entrepreneurs conference encouraging students to dream big. 

Denver Colorado Public Schools

Keynote Speaker during school assemblies. 

Crow Agency Montana Meth Free Crow Coalition

Created awareness for Crow Agency Tribal members and encouraged students with information on substance abuse epidemic. 


We also have a list of Law Enforcement, Military Branches, Youth Jails & Adolescent Treatment Centers, and Native American communities that we have worked with throughout the United States. We help with Criminal Justice Solutions training providing awareness development for the community.



One area of concern within the schools has been bullying. Social media has added to the already growing situation of people treating others badly. This has resulted in an increase in suicides, hurts, and habits that are coping mechanisms and are then transitioned into the community. The community then reacts which then sometimes is too late.

Luckily, there are community members and outside supporters who are doing their best to help with prevention and create awareness. They are banding together to bring good news to our youth. One such intervention happened at East High School Thursday, May 2, 2019. Ron Serna, Dr. Robert 'Battle Ax' Ornelas from The S.O.G. Crew in California, Pueblo Police Chief Davenport, District Attorney Jeff Chostner, Professor Ryan Yanke (CSU-Pueblo), Ruby Martinez, and former community member Esmeralda Suazo all came together to educate our high school students on the effects of bullying and how they can stand up for it. Each member spoke to students in the Physical Education classes about what is a “normal” way to treat each other versus how society teaches us. They concluded each class by asking who would stand up for someone and be an advocate for someone being mistreated even if it’s an adult. 

Students shared some of their stories and showed vulnerability in front of their peers. Their peers were then able to see how each person is affected by bullying in one way or another. Students left empowered to create a culture in East High School that would allow them to help others instead of hurt them and transfer that into the community," said Mrs. Naomi Reyes (Pueblo East High School Teacher)