Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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On behalf of the KRUZIN Old School Radio Team and our Community Partner, El Semanario - The Weekly Issue, welcome and thank you for visiting. We are excited about the journey ahead in bringing the Colorado Front Range and a global audience a unique blend of music that has not been made available on a broad scale. More importantly, we are grateful for the opportunity to use this platform to not only bring this great music, but to engage and communicate with the City of Denver and members of the Colorado Front Range Community regarding community topics, family issues and opportunities, and everything from prayer to special events. We acknowledge and thank Chris and Toni Fresquez of El Semanario-The Weekly Issue, Dr. Robert Ornelas and SOG Ministries, our platform and project partners. As we move forward with the project, we will be looking for a good balance in the community substance of what we bring to the community in addition to the music. We are confident of this and thank you for listening.