Victory Fest 2019


The S.O.G. Crew (Thump Records/ Universal Music Group) performed live at Victory Fest 2019 thanks to partners at Victory Outreach International in Chino, CA. Victory Outreach Church in Chino hosted Victory Fest 2019 on Sunday, August 11th at 11436 Central Ave.

The S.O.G. Crew arrived after a seventeen-hour drive from Fort Washakie, Wyoming working with Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho. They ministered at camp meetings and visited Native American Schools before hitting the stage at Victory Fest 2019 as the last act of the evening.


"Great time with family friends, and the beautiful community of Chino, CA," said Dr. Robert 'Battle Ax' Ornelas. "We love our partners, Brother Art Blajos, Jimmy Duran, and all our friends from Victory Outreach. Our kids had a blast. Thanks."

The event included a carnival with numerous rides, game booths, musical groups, live dramas, food, and barbecue meals. Live performances included Little Willie G, Du2ce, Enigma, Pachooco, and The S.O.G. Crew fresh off of their Wyoming tour.

A theatre performance called “Life’s a Gamble” was presented along with “Blood In, Blood Out” drama. “Blood In, Blood Out” is about a man who was an assassin for a California prison gang that spent 17 years in prison before meeting Jesus Christ.


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