Battle Ax Visits Friends in Hawaii and Rocks Men’s Conference

Thump Records/ Universal Music Group Artist Dr. Robert 'Battle Ax' Ornelas performing live at Victory Outreach Church of the Hawaiian Islands Honolulu Campus off of Makaloa St. Picture taken by Mikki Brenner.

Battle Ax (Thump Records/ Universal Music Group) visits friends in Oahu, Hawaii and Rocks Mens Conference thanks to Eddie Ochoa and Tony Manuel Velasco.

The 2019 Men's Conference took place on Saturday morning February 23 at Kalihi Union Church off of King Street in Honolulu and was lively from the excitement of all the men that attended. Evangelist Eddie Ochoa organized and hosted an event that was aimed at reaching Ex-Drug Addicts, Ex-Convicts, and those that needed to be rescued. Leaders came from all over Oahu with special performance presentations from California Gospel Hip Hop artist Battle Ax and the Victory Outreach Worship Band to offer men on the island help in the name of Jesus. Emcee Bruddah Bullah from 95.5 The Fish radio started the conference off by calling all men to be trained to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Registration began at 7:30 am. Conference Admission and Lunch were FREE!!!

Men's Conference Offered:

  • Conference Introduction
  • Live Worship
  • Hip Hop Concert
  • Deliverance From Addictions
  • Helped Men Transition Back Into Society
  • Helped Find True Calling
  • 12 Amazing Workshops Total
  • Free Lunch

On Sunday, February 24th Battle Ax as he is known in the Hip Hop Community was invited to perform two Gospel Concerts thanks to Senior Pastor Tony Manuel Velasco and his entire family at Victory Outreach Church of the Hawaiian Islands. Opening event took place at 12:30 PM on the VO Waipahu Campus and the second event at 3 PM at the VO Honolulu Campus across from the Ala Moana Shopping Mall. Both events had young and old excited, comforted, and exhorted with the style of SOG Hip Hop that helped usher in the presence of the Lord.

"Thanks to everyone that supported my dear friend Evangelist Eddie Ochoa and his Men's Conference. I was blessed to perform at the beginning of the conference and towards the end as well. In between, I had time to listen to a few workshops by Arturo Magana from VO titled 'Getting Out of the Pit' and other leaders. Hey, I was there to receive as well. This conference is a great resource idea to help men transition back into society for their families. Former heroin addicts turned Christian Evangelists gave good presentations during their workshops.

The next day on Sunday the 24th we had a blast with longtime friends and partners the Velasco family from Victory Outreach. Pastor Tony is always a good person to work with because we compliment each other when doing evangelistic events. The music part is always amazing but inspiring and helping lead new people to the Lord is what this is all about.

The overall trip to Hawaii was a huge success with new doors of opportunity opening up to us. We have been visiting the Hawaiian islands since I was a kid. We have worked at most schools, jails, prisons, churches, military bases, and wherever Hip Hop is played in Hawaii. Our music was in the stores for years thanks to Jason Fros't Neville from Fourth Man Music Group throughout Hawaii that helped us get on tours when we were younger. Today it has nothing to do with the music. Today it is about the incredible relationships that we have built with local Hawaii families and the extraordinary lifelong friendships that the good Lord has blessed us with.

With that being said I am glad to announce that I will be back in Oahu on Saturday, June 1st to attend the wedding of Valerie Velasco the daughter of Pastor Tony Manuel Velasco. I will also be visiting the Hawaiian community of Hana, Hawaii on the island of Maui on Wednesday, May 29th thanks to my dear friend, United States Veteran, and mentor Pastor Ellsworth Kamalana Kalalau. I will be sharing the word of God at The Master's Touch By His Word while in Maui," mentioned Dr. Robert Ornelas

While in Oahu Dr. Ornelas had lunch with members from the American Samoa Senate the upper house of the American Samoa Fono, the legislature of the U.S. territory of American Samoa.

Ornelas met with Su’a Alexander Eli Jennings the representative of Swains Island in the House of Representatives, Legislature of American Samoa. Ornelas a State Laison for the American Independent Party of California was asked to meet to help organize a research team to Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California to gather information thanks to US Marine Corp, US Navy, and Catalina Island Conservancy.

Swains Island has been under the American Flag since October 13, 1856 and it was declared first appertaining to the United States in 1860 by President Buchanan under the Guano Island Act of 1856. Then on March 4, 1925 it became Territory of the United States through a Joint Resolution of Congress when it entered American Samoa.

At the decline of the copra industry in the 1960s Swains Island’s economy was devastated, and residents were forced to migrate off the island for better opportunities. Large pockets of Swains Island Communities can be found in American Samoa, Hawaii, and the U.S. West Coast.

Dr. Robert Ornelas with U.S. territory of American Samoa Representatives.


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