Anti-Bullying and Mentorship Program May 1-4 Pueblo, CO

The reason that we have always come back to Pueblo is to make sure that we keep his dream alive for the youth. That is what Ryan asked me to do as his last wish. He asked me never to forget the young people of Pueblo.

The S.O.G. Crew will be working with community leaders, schools, and faith-based community in Pueblo, CO beginning Wednesday, May 1st for Anti-Bullying and Mentorship program thanks to Pueblo Community Advocate Ron Serna and SOG Crew member Ruby Martinez (Thump Records/ Universal Music Group).

Anaheim Hip Hop Crew led by Dr. Robert "Battle Ax” Ornelas have expanded over the years with teams in California, Hawaii, Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, New Hampshire, Oregon, Albuquerque, Utah, Navajo Nation, Crow Agency, Pima Nation, and recent addition of unincorporated American Samoa. Ornelas is a Hip Hop artist that just so happens to be involved in politics. The former 2016 Presidential Candidate has been working hard as a National Youth Advocate since the ’90s.

Schools That S.O.G. Crew Have Visited Over The Years:

Pueblo, CO School District

  • Hip Hop Concert and Anti-Bullying Awareness thanks to Neva and Sam Quintana.

Los Angeles Unified School District 

  • Working with Middle and High School students thanks to PACE program. Celebrated perfect attendance, graduations, and testing using the ART of Hip Hop. Have also worked with students from the Juvenile Detention Centers.

Santa Ana Unified School District

Oahu, Maui, and Big Island

  • Worked with students of public schools thanks to Campus Ministries, Baptist Academy, and have worked at Hawaiian Schools.

Riverside Indian School 

  • Worked with 800 students from 75 different Native American Tribes and school staff for many years.

Havasupai Tribe 

  • Working with middle school, elementary, and pre-school students in side of the Grand Canyon thanks to Havasupai Nation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Las Vegas High School

  • Key Speaker and Artist. Las Vegas High School B.S.U. Club honored The S.O.G. Crew for their outstanding and dedicated service with a Certificate of Appreciation plaque.

Chicago Public Schools

  • Worked with Robert Belfort throughout West Side and South Side Chicago bringing peace after record-breaking murders. Special thanks to Chicago PD and Eye Witness news.

Chaffey High School 

  • Supported Esther Escobedo for years as her family faithful did a bible study for students.

Erie, Pennsylvania

  • Worked with students during assemblies and concert in the evening with families.

Sherman Indian School

  • The S.O.G. Crew together with Skateboarding Pros, Dennis Martinez, John Pope and Kien 'Donger' Lieu made an impact at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside.

Coachella Valley Unified School District

  • Hip Hop concerts for students of graduating classes and gang prevention. 

The S.O.G. Crew and community advocates will be sharing with students at Risley International Academy of Innovation, East Side High School, Boys and Girls Club, and community outreach with the Salvation ArmyJeff Chostner Pueblo County District Attorney, Pueblo Chief of Police Troy Davenport, Dr. Robert Ornelas and many others will be sharing on the importance of preventing and responding to bullying. Together they have agreed to work with schools to help prevent bullying before it starts.

"We will be teaching students the importance of respect and mentorship beginning May 1st. I have been honored to work with schools, adolescent treatment centers, churches, and community of Pueblo for a very long time now. Years ago we were invited by the Sangre de Cristo Hospice in Pueblo to answer the last dying wish of 21-year-old Ryan Bright. His dream was to do an SOG Crew and Lacey Brown from American Idol season 9 Concert for the young people of his city. The reason that we have always come back to Pueblo is to make sure that we keep his dream alive for the youth. That is what Ryan asked me to do as his last wish. He asked me never to forget the young people of Pueblo. As an appointed World Civility Ambassador I plan to always encourage the young people to be kind to their elders,” clarified Former Presidential Candidate Dr. Robert Ornelas

Anti-Bullying and Mentorship Program Scheduale:

May 1

May 2

May 4th 

Salvation Army All Day

Pueblo City Schools (PCS) is a school district serving PuebloColorado.

Motivational Speakers

Ron Serna Pueblo Community Activist

Dr.  Robert Ornealas The S.O.G. Crew (Thump Records/ Universal Music Group)

Troy Davenport Chief of police Pueblo

Dennis Maes former Judge

Jeff Chostner District Attorney Pueblo

Mark Salazar Hard Knox Gang Prevention

Ryan Yanke Social Science CSU-Pueblo

Jeanelle Quintana PCC

Melissa Casias CNA, time keeper

Steve Lucero former Lt. Ordway Prison Prevention

Pastor Paul Montoya Martin Luther King Church

Joe Latino Pillars of Unity

Ornelas and Pueblo, CO Advocate Ron Serna will be sharing on Public House Radio 98.5 KOYC FM Pueblo. KOYC FM is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to empower the local community through education, music, art, gardening and media. They will be sharing to the Pueblo community strategies for creating positive school climates with students, staff, parents, and policymakers. Interview will be on Thursday April 6th with Janet Wilson.


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