Havasupai Tribe Grand Canyon

Havasupai Tribe - Grand Canyon, Arizona

The S.O.G. Crew (Thump RecordsUniversal Music Group) pay a visit to the young people of the Havasupai Tribe located inside the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona while on their S.O.G. Crew Youth Movement Tour 2018.


“It has been my lifelong dream to visit the Havasupai community and we were able to experience this adventure along with our children. Amazing! Thanks to Phylis Schiavone Nash from Plymouth New Hampshire and our BMI family from Riverside California for sponsoring our children to catch a helicopter into the Grand Canyon,” stated Dr. Robert ‘Battle Ax’ Ornelas

Video narrated by Jacqueline Lezette Garza, and Jesus Richard with most of the Youth Movement filming from their iPhones. The S.O.G. Crew gave the Havasupai children a Dinosaur Puppet Show written by 16 year old Karisma Cuevas and a Hip Hop concert for the entire family. The Crew led by Ornelas and Garza gave the Community a message of hope, encouraging the children to honor their elders, families, teachers, themselves, and to continue in school. This empowerment presentation ended with community praying for the elders and United States Veterans.

Special thanks to Sandy Ticeahkie from Riverside Indian High School in Anadarko Oklahoma, Havasupai Tribal Council, Havasupai Elementary School, Head Start, Tribal Elders, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), and Grand Canyon National Park


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