First Annual California Lowrider Gospel Fest


The S.O.G. Crew (Thump RecordsUniversal Music Group) would like to invite you all to the ‘First Annual California Lowrider Gospel Fest’ in Hemet, CA this Saturday, August 4th and would also like to take this time to introduce the founders of the Lowrider Gospel Fest Movement George and Cynthia Calderon.

“George and Cynthia Calderon are the newest members of The Sons of God (S.O.G) Family. Together we have agreed to host the Lowrider Gospel Fest in all 50 States and United States Territories including all Native American Communities. Together this couple has an amazing testimony and they are doing an incredible work for the Lord.

After twenty years of rocking Gospel Hip-Hop events throughout North America and our music being played in every country, God has opened our eyes to a huge need. We have been around the Lowrider Community since we were kids. Joining Thump Records opened the doors for us to be an established International Group within the Lowrider Culture and Lowrider Community. Many Evangelical Ministries have caught on to the latest Urban Mission Field within our own country over the last few years including the explosion of Motorcycle Club Ministries in the West Coast. Christian Car Clubs are definitely not a new thing. What I believe can be a new thing is bringing all Car and Motorcycle Ministries together under the banner of Jesus so that we can recognize those putting in work in their local communities. My wife Melissa, myself, and the entire S.O.G. Crew Family believe that Goerge Calderon will meet that need to disciple these types of urban leaders.

A few days ago I did a Backpack Giveaway at Praise Chapel Baldwin Park thanks to United In Him Motorcycle Ministries. The S.O.G. Crew provided the entertainment for the event with entire community being edified. After my Hip-Hop presentation, I sat with the leader of United In Him Motorcycle Ministries giving him encouraging words for a funeral he was going to officiate the following day. The point is that these types of Urban Ministries need people that they can trust to help guide them when needed when it comes to outreach and dealing with the community. We believe that George and Cynthia Calderon will meet that need bringing all these groups together as one,” stated Dr. Robert ‘Battle Ax’ Ornelas

This First Annual celebration will take place from 9 AM to 3 PM on Saturday, August 4th at Hemet Christian Assembly located at 161 North Thompson St, in the City of Hemet, CA. Event will also feature musical presentations from The S.O.G. Crew, Dez Lewis from Dem Warriors, D#1G, God Chaser, and many more. Special thanks to Risen Kings, Arizona Lowrider Gospel Fest, Lowrider Style, and DJ Nina for sponsoring event.

California Lowrider Gospel Fest Facebook Event Page 


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