Art Blajos and Tony “El Conguero” Menjivar


Kruzin 2017 RMPA Awards Week Special edition celebration of the woman – Mothers Day Show hosted by Dr. Robert ‘Battle Ax’ Ornelas from The S.O.G. Crew (Thump RecordsUniversal Music Group) and Angel Barrientos from the RMPA out of Denver, CO. Detailed sharing about the 2017 RMPA AWARDS WEEK OF AWARENESS AND CELEBRATION. Thanks to “The Carpenter” S.O.G. Crew’s Robert Ornelas.

This Kruzin show has great Old School music and interview with Art Blajos the author of Blood In, Blood Out. Art Blajos grew up in California. From a poor Mexican family, he discovered that the only sure way to gain respect and status was as a fighter. After a series of reform schools, he received his first major jail sentence at the age of 16. To join the Mexican Mafia became his ambition, the prison his training ground. By the age of 24, he was in San Quentin where he was to spend 11 years. From there he moved into drug dealing (and using) in a big way, and then back to prison on a murder charge – this time to Death Row. An adroit lawyer got him released. The breakthrough came via the ministry of Sonny Arguinzoni. Over a period of years, the love shown him by the Victory Outreach team resulted in a solid and lasting conversion to Christ and a total transformation of personality. Art is now an evangelist and youth worker with the Victory Outreach fellowship in London, living in voluntary poverty to work among the homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes of the King’s Cross area.

Also on this broadcast is Tony “El Conguero” Menjivar former member of the legendary San Francisco based Latin rock band Malo. Malo was known for there 1972 Top 20 hit single, “Suavecito.”

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